Helping Facilities Managers Focus On Their Core Business

Are you looking for professional, comprehensive FM support that will help maintain an efficient working environment, while allowing you to focus on your core business?

Protecting your infrastructure is key – at Adler and Allan, we offer a Facilities Management Support Service, which delivers fuel and environmental service-related projects, contracts and emergency response cover to a wide range of blue-chip organisations, nationwide.

Protect Your Assets

Protective Coatings and Linings: Our protective coatings and linings are suitable for fuel tanks and bunding, pipelines, roof linings, oil storage tanks, flooring and boats; practically any external or internal surface. Our protective coatings return your assets to work within hours and will extend the life of your assets and save money on unnecessary replacements.

Flood Mitigation, Including Flood Defences: We offer a variety of flood mitigation services, designed to ascertain flood risk and then protect from flooding. Services include professional surveys, flood defences and civil engineering measures which are designed and installed by a team of accredited BPEC engineers.

Our flood mitigation consultants deliver detailed Flood Risk Assessments (FRA’s), including topographical surveys, which look at an areas flood risk now and in the future. We also offer some of the best passive flood defence schemes on the UK market.

Safeguard Against Pollution

24/7 Emergency Response & Pollution Prevention: In the event of a spill, we provide an immediate response to any scale of emergency from minor oil spills to flooding and major industrial disasters. We use the latest clean-up technology and can mobilise at a moment’s notice through our national network.

We also have the full civil engineering capability for excavation and reinstatement works, including the disposal of contaminated soil following a spill.

Our groundworks service involves reinstating the site, starting by backfilling the excavation holes and making good at ground level. Following ground reinstatement we can deliver the work needed for fuel tank and separator installations, such as brickwork, road surfacing, re-laying paving, tarmac or turf and all types of landscaping.

Environmental Consultancy Services: When it comes to giving advice about best practice in the handling of hydrocarbons or controlled waste, we have the expertise and experience to help your organisation. We keep you up to date with all relevant legislation and regulations so that your sites remain clean and safe, with plans in place for dealing with emergencies.

Contaminated Land and Remediation Services: Our experts have developed a protocol for the management of all environmental spill related incidents, designed to reduce client costs and ensure the minimisation of both legal and financial liabilities. Our contaminated land investigation and environmental risk assessment services adhere with guidance issued by the Environment Agency and Defra.

Keep Your Business Running

Specialist Fuel Services: Fuel is essential to most businesses and our specialist fuel services ensure both supply and quality, with emergency delivery, fuel polishing, tank cleaning and fuel testing. We have a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, delivered by E&S Environmental – the market leader in advanced tank cleaning and fuel polishing technologies.



Thanks for your prompt and rigorous action and Adler & Allan's on-going commitment to safety.
Morgan Sindall
I would just like to pass on my appreciation for the extremely professional and efficient service provided by Amanda Merchant.  We were in need of expertise and support and were delighted with the response.  I would be grateful if you could relay this to the appropriate department.
Alpha Delphini
A&A dealt with the tanker leak very professionally, effectively and had very good knowledge of your work…
Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service