The Project

Four underground flocculation tanks required deep well tank cleaning, Buckton Castle, Tameside. Tank cleaning services: De-watering, de-sludging, full cleaning, removal of waste matter.



The Solution

Following a client consultation, Adler and Allan’s tank cleaning team set up a number of submersible pumps to over-pump the water into a diverter tanks. This enabled the castle’s treatment works to continue operating, while the de-sludging of the tanks took place. Several articulated tankers were then deployed to transport the waste to suitable sites across the North-West. Once the sludge was deemed to be a manageable level, a man-entry team worked alongside Adler and Allan’s JHL jet-vac equipment, to wash the sides of the tanks and remove any remaining sludge.

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The Outcome

In January 2013, Adler and Allan was contracted to carry out a full tank cleaning service to four underground flocculation tanks at Buckton Castle, Mossley, Tameside.