The Project

Gatwick Airport experienced several flooding incidents during the major flooding of 2013/14. UK Power Networks Services has a number of facilities and storage areas at the airport. One of their storage areas holds oil filled electrical equipment adjacent to a roadway and relatively close to the runway. Our client had identified potential risks such as oil leaks to ground and the surrounding areas in close proximity to a water course and within an identified flood zone. A&A were asked to inspect the site and propose alternative solutions to address the above issues that would not interfere with any traffic running in the adjacent roadway and with minimum detriment to the environment. The specification of flood mitigation measures would have to take into account considerations such as quick and easy access to the equipment, minimum disruption to other plant and vehicle access to the roadway and a solution that would retain oil spills and not allow flood ingress. Also, the structure may need to be moved at a later date.



The Solution

After inspection A&A proposed the use of their new Joint Bund and Raising (JBAR) system. JBAR is a new system from our flood mitigation research and product develpment centre at Droitwich. It is a semi-permanent GRP modular bund or bund raising system. The system is low-cost, quicker to install than concrete or brick structures and can be moved to another location if required. It is a lightweight but strong system that both contains oil and chemicals whilst specially designed to withstand flooding. In this instance we also formed a sump providing for an oil discriminating pump which discharged through the A&A developed Sockit filtration system to localised drainage (Sockit is a portable filtration system for pumping out contaminated water). We lined the base area of the bund with A&A Adalline 400 (Polyurea) system. This is a protective coating which prevents any ground surface absorption. This serves to retain any oil or chemical leaks within the bunded area.

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The Outcome

Our approach, using innovative technologies, allows the work to be done quickly with the flexibility of re-siting the equipment to another location. The end result was an environment friendly installation, reduced time, plant and material, reduced carbon footprint. The client was able to re-site the equipment within a contained area after only four days.