The Project

We were asked by our client, a major distribution network operator (DNO) to provide a flood mitigation proposal to meet the client's flood risk assessment for a site in Lincolnshire. The issue being, 2 transformers within existing concrete bunds but of insufficient height to give them flood protection. The specification included undertaking works with zero disruption to the sub-station operating capability.



The Solution

The new Adler & Allan JBAR System was proposed as the most cost-effective and rapid to install solution available. This is a modular bund system that can be used as a bund in its own right or alternatively used to raise existing walls, can be custom made to fit any area, is highly effective for both flood mitigation and oil containment, and can be quickly erected, giving fast turnaround to avoid any service disruption. The transformer and cooling system were placed on a plinth in an area with aggregate placed around so site personnel can walk in the area without slipping. The stones also greatly improves rain water run-off. A 600mm high JBAR wall was erected onto the existing bund wall with an access panel 'doorway' and GRP steps to allow site personnel to move heavy equipment in and out of the area. During the works the existing sump pump was removed and re-installed to allow for the increase in height of the JBAR wall installation.

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The Outcome

The asset protection installation work took only 5 days to complete, giving a fast turnaround and zero disruption for the client. The success of this project and solution meant we were invited to help resolve several other similar challenges, some more complex and previously unsolved.