The Project

Our client, an airport energy company, is responsible for supplying Derv, unleaded petrol and gas oil for all transport to most UK main airports. The buses, police cars, ambulances, fire engines and snow ploughs supplied by the refueling stations are all critical to the safe running of the airport. Stansted management called Adler and Allan as a number of buses were experiencing filter blockage and subsequent breakdown and the Derv pumps were inoperative.



The Solution

Our team set to work reviewing the existing supplier’s methodology and then intitiated a new plan to rectify the problem and ensure Stansted could continue to operate as an airport. Over a 3-day period including the weekend, Adler and Allan operatives removed both of the Derv tank lids and uplifted the remaining fuel on site. Using our mobile Fuel Polishing units we processed all the Derv through the polishing process back to its original condition. A man-entry tank cleaning team thoroughly cleaned and removed the considerable sediment/sludge build up found on the tank surfaces using a vacuum tanker. Finally, all the lines from the tank to the dispensers were ‘pigged’ and flushed with clean fuel, the tanks were dosed with a suitable biocide to delay future microbial contamination and the dispenser filters were changed and the pumps were bled.

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The Outcome

The site is now up and running and no further pump or vehicle problems have occurred or expected. The client awarded Adler and Allan the contract to look after all of its refuelling sites.