The Project

Adler and Allan was asked to take fuel samples from the bulk fuel storage tanks at a data centre situated in Central London. After having the fuel analysed, it was found to be contaminated with water, which can cause microbial growth and therefore effect fuel quality. The tanks fed backup generators and were critical to the operation of the building - water in the fuel could have ultimately stopped the generators from working in the event of a power cut.



The Solution

Adler and Allan provided emergency manual tank cleaning and polishing of all fuel on site. The tanks in question were 40,000 litres each and due to the location of the building, the works needed to be completed between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Adler and Allan deployed artic tanks, three cleaning teams to manually clean the tanks, and two mobile fuel polishing units within 24 hours. The works were completed within the very tight time frame.

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The Outcome

The tanks were returned back into service within 28 hours of the sample results. The fuel was completely free of water and sludge. We have since continued to carry out a six monthly sampling programme at this site.