The Project

Leading environmental and mechanical services provide, Adler and Allan, provided large-scale fuel and Adblue facility to help build DP World's new London Gateway commercial quay. The Gateway site covers a massive 2,700 metres with depth alongside of 17 metres, which will see London regain its position as a hub for international trade. Storing two hundred thousand litres of fuel, Adler and Allan's tanks and subsequent filling system is being used to fuel shuttles that move huge-volume containers around the port, together with all types of heavy plant and equipment.



The Solution

The fuel tank installation consisted of:

  • Two 100,000 litre twin compartment fuel tanks with cat ladder and gantry for pump access. These were for re-fuelling on-site shuttle carriers, plant and equipment and have remote filler point cabinets and tank gauging and bulk offloading meters.
  • One 9,000 litre bulk Adblue storage tanks; filler point cabinet with gauges and overfill alarms.
  • Above ground steel and underground double contained pipework.
  • Three 200 litre daily storage Adblue tanks with integrated float level switches and controls.
  • A fully integrated fuel monitoring system.

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The Outcome

Adler and Allan installed, tested and commissioned all tankers within the 3 month time schedule and in-line with CDM regulations.