The Project

Aggreko UK, a global leader in the rental of power and temperature control, requires its equipment and services to be operational 24/7, through a worldwide network of depots and professional service centres. Their products and services provide business continuity and stability in uncertain operating environments, relying heavily on fast and efficient fuel deliveries.



The Solution

Due to the small storage tanks on Aggreko’s generators and the unpredictable usage levels, it was key that the client had ready access to fuel supplies at a short notice. To facilitate this, Adler and Allan invested in a fleet of 4x4 vehicles and ADR certified towable bowsers to undertake difficult off-road deliveries that traditional fuel tankers would be unable to access. This allowed Adler and Allan to respond to the client’s requirements at very short notice. Adler and Allan also advised the client on new fuel regulations, such as compliance with the new low sulphur diesel regulations, as well as being involved in the testing, sampling and replacement of non-compliant fuel. Adler and Allan is conscious of its environmental responsibilities and is constantly looking at increasing sustainability, reducing wastage and improving efficiencies. This commitment has led to achieving NQA14001 environmental management qualification, which is at the core of its strategy going forward.

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The Outcome

David Mahon, Fuel Team Leader, at Aggreko UK, said: “Thanks to Adler & Allan’s initiative and responsiveness to consistently meet our usage levels.”