The Project

As part of a programme of works being carried out by Adler and Allan at the Poolbeg Terminal in Dublin, the inspection of five fuel storage tanks to EEMUA 159 standards was required. Group Company, Contra Corrosion, were asked to provide Non Destructive Testing (NDT), alongside Adler and Allan’s market leading advanced tank cleaning and fuel polishing services.

The Solution

The five tanks which required inspection ranged from approximately 48m to 64m in diameter. NDT was used to inspect, test and evaluate the structure of the tanks, while identifying any issues that may be the cause of a problem in the future. Ideal for businesses that rely on tanks for storage of fuels and other substances, NDT can be carried out either in or out of service, ensuring good working order of valuable assets without destroying their serviceability. With the terminal situated on the coast, our inspectors encountered all types of weather conditions. High winds, rain and freezing conditions presented particular health and safety concerns whilst the team were using the MEWPs (mobile elevated working platforms) to inspect the tank’s shell and roof. Work had to be planned meticulously around regular weather updates. Daily site meetings and constant communications between inspectors and the Adler and Allan site manager ensured the risks were being constantly assessed.

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The Outcome

Good communications across the divisions were instrumental in completing inspections within the given time-frame. The works began in November 2016 and were completed in March 2017, with reports issued and dealt with, helping Adler and Allan teams to bring the terminal up to standard for the next phase of development to begin.