The Project

Western Power Distribution (WPD) had identified an electrical transformer that was leaking oil. The leak was out of sight from ground level, so Adler & Allan teams had to carry out their investigations on the top of the transformer to come up with a suitable solution.After inspection of the site, it was clear that the seals and gaskets on the transformer had failed due to pressure, UV rays and vibration.As with all work for DNOs, safety is the number one consideration. A Senior Authorised Person from WPD was tasked with creating a designated area where Adler & Allan teams could safely carry out the required works, and in this case it was decided that a power outage was necessary, meaning teams had to work to a strict timescale of just three days.

The Solution

Because of the location of the leak, a comprehensive scaffolding system had to be installed in order to access and carry out work to the area. The erection and dismantling of the scaffolding took up two of the three days, leaving just one day to line and seal the transformer.Adler & Allan teams quickly located the failure area responsible for leaking the oil and set about cleaning the oily residue, hot water jetting was used to remove oil and grease before a mechanical key was applied to the top layer of paint.After taping off the required area, Adler & Allan applied EPL-9 coating using a dual cylinder pump handled gun, which combines the two components of polyurea through a pig tail nozzle.  As ‘best practice’, Rallithane beading was applied to all the edges, completing the seal and stopping anything migrating between the lining and the metal.

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The Outcome

Adler & Allan’s speedy response enabled the client to make a swift return to power. The transformer was lined and sealed, and the site cleared, all within the three-day deadline, much to the client’s satisfaction.