The Project

A regional DNO had identified significant water ingress to a substation basement. The deterioration of some structures and transformer bunds had been identified as a widespread problem for DNO’s, with both spill containment from transformer oil leaks and substation operational failure high on the risk assessment agenda.

Adler and Allan was asked to inspect the site and carry out any recommended remedial works and specify appropriate flood mitigation measures.

Our inspection revealed some fundamental structural problems with the basement. There were a substantial amount of cable duct entry points to the building which had either no seals or failed seals allowing both groundwater and floodwater to enter the basement. There was a significant threat of flooding to cause damage and loss of power to the electrical equipment. In addition, the basement floor screed was crumbling, as was the mortar at the joint of the walls, all of which exposed further vulnerabilities to the power source in the basement. There was a permanent presence of standing water within the basement.

It was noted that the basement would benefit from a protective coating. All these problems had to be remedied before coating could commence.



The Solution

Our priority was to carry out the works with the minimum disruption to the DNO’s operations. As is always the case in a hazardous environment, the works were supervised by an Adler and Allan Competent or Approved Person.

The client specified sealing the cable duct entries and providing 2 no sumps with pumps and a sealing to the floors. The existing duct seals had to be removed and redressed for the application of CSD rise sealing system.

The sumps provided another issue in that there was no record of the floor slab thickness and the site was in very close proximity to the River Clyde. We designed large shallow sump pits with debris mesh frame surrounds with a series of interconnecting floor channels. We then commissioned two bespoke pumps to be built to overcome the need to break through the floor to form traditional sump pits.

Finally the floors were sealed.

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The Outcome

Our approach, combining traditional repair methods with innovative technologies, allows the work to be done quickly - often within one day - and with little or no impact on the site’s operations. Substation restoration also enhances the value of the DNO’s assets.