The Project

In August 2011, a caustic tank ruptured and released an estimated 19 tonnes of caustic fluid into site drains and a nearby stream at Ellesmere Port, Liverpool. Adler and Allan were contacted to respond to the spill. The emergency spill response, tank removal and post-spill remediation were provided by Adler and Allan.



The Solution

A spill response team was dispatched to site to begin the initial cleanup. Once on site, the spill response team reported that the water pH levels had already exceeded the discharge allowance. This meant that all surface water had to be removed from the site by tankers until pH measurements dropped to an acceptable level. In addition, the failed storage tank had to be dealt with, and the soil monitored for contamination. Adler and Allan worked on the following:

  • Sent an emergency spill team to the site to begin immediate cleanup.
  • Dispatched 6 tankers from Adler & Allan’s Manchester depot to remove all surface water from the site.
  • Arranged for a waste treatment facility to remain open all weekend.
  • Worked around the clock until pH measurements had dropped to acceptable levels.
  • Monitored pH levels continuously throughout the cleanup.
  • Redirected surface water to the outflor drainage once pH levels were normal.
  • Removed the failed storage tank and concrete.
  • Sampled and removed contaminated soil.
  • Set up regular monitoring of the site, reporting to the client and the Environment Agency.

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The Outcome

The works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.