The Project

On 27th January 2009, a freight train carrying diesel and aviation fuel was derailed near Stewarton, East Ayrshire. Six of the ten wagons were derailed, and one exploded.



The Solution

Once the blaze had been extinguished by the emergency services, Adler and Allan’s team worked around the clock to make the site safe. In addition, Adler and Allan activated an effective and efficient fuel spill response plan to minimise the environmental damage being caused by fuel leaking into a nearby watercourse.

Firstly, all remaining fuel was uplifted from the tanks stored in each wagon, before being lifted and transported away from the site. Pollution prevention measures were actioned immediately, which included building pipe dams and putting fence boom, absorbent booms, pads and cushions in the local waterways to stop the fuel spill worsening.

Adler and Allan’s team monitored the polluted sites twice a day, replacing saturated booms, pads and cushions where needed. Environmental site investigations included staff walking the river and drainage systems on a regular basis to establish the extent of the fuel spill and contamination spread.

The company’s tankering expertise meant contaminated water was safely uplifted, recovering spill product using skimmers and oil water separators. In all, Adler and Allan filled more than 100 clip-top drums with fuel spill waste, removed around 4,000cm of skimmed product, and recovered 2,000 litres of product.

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The Outcome

The works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.