The Project

Reinforcement of the existing floor of a leaking gas oil bund, plus lining of storage tanks, Cable and Wireless offices, London. Tank services: Tank and bund lining.

The Solution

Adler and Allan specified a polyester GRP lining system to prevent any future leakage in the tank, while the floor was dug out and all debris removed, and the bund floor was repaired with resin concrete. Both the bund and the tanks were then prepared for installing the lining system by priming the walls and floor areas, laying a fibre-glass matting with a chemical resisting tissue veil. Following this a resin was applied and surfaces were sanded to remove any irregularities. Finally, the bund was sealed with an application of polyester gel coat, providing a durable, seamless finish. Adler and Allen’s team applied three further coats of flexible acrylic lining system to the tank, completing the entire job in just three days.

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The Outcome

Cable and Wireless Communications, London, called in Adler and Allan’s expertise after it was established that the exiting floor of a gas oil bund has broken down and was leaking. The bund would need to be reinforced, in addition to work on the storage tanks, which were rusting and pitted, requiring a tank lining system to help extend their life expectancy.