The Project

Adler and Allan won a large contract to clean four 43 million litres HFO (heavy fuel oil) atmospheric storage tanks at Tarbert Power Station in Co. Kerry, Ireland.



The Solution

In challenging winter weather conditions, we had to clean the tanks in preparation for full internal inspection and refurbishment. This involved heating and transferring 10 million litres of residual HFO, dismantling and removing large bore pipework, and removing and disposing of waste. We carried out a complex range of works to achieve this task:

  • Heated residual HFO with temporary steam coils fed by a mobile steam boiler, and using Molex pumps to transfer hot HFO to a holding tank.
  • Used hydraulic pumps to transfer HFO through 1.5 km of existing pipeline to the neighbouring power station.
  • Cut an access hole in each tank to let in light and air, and to lift the machinery to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Prepared the tank floors and sides using wet grit blasting in readiness for NDT (non-destructive testing) inspection.
  • Processed tank bottoms on site to minimise waste disposal and return as much product as possible to the power station.
  • Removed redundant pipework using a 35 tonne machine, with the help of demolition partners EDS.
  • Sealed pipe sections and took them off site for processing and disposal.

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The Outcome

The works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client, within budget and within the agreed timeframe.