The Project

Adler and Allan won a contract to replace two 125,000 litre vertical cylindrical fuel storage tanks for Sheffield Teaching Hospital. As well as replacing the old storage tanks and installing new pipework, Adler and Allan had to remove many years’ build-up of water and debris from the bund surrounding the tanks. Most importantly, we were required to provide a temporary fuel storage facility to ensure that the hospital’s supply was not interrupted.



The Solution

Adler and Allan’s fuel tank installation team worked on the following:

  • Removed and stored off-site around 150,000 litres of excess fuel.
  • Ensured continuing power supplies to the hospital
  • Cleaned the oil tanks to enable safe on-site demolition and removal.
  • Cleaned the bund and prepared it for lining.
  • Lined the bund with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) to make it impervious to oil and water.
  • Constructed two new tanks, 9 metres high and 4.4 metres in diameter. Used specialist escorted large-load transport to deliver to the site.
  • Topped and tailed the tanks and moved them into vertical position.
  • Installed new pipework in readiness for filling and re-circulation.
  • Returned fuel to the tanks and commissioning the system.

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The Outcome

The works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.