The Project

The client required an assessment of an existing fuel installation at Pepel Port in Sierra Leone to see if it could be reused as part of the redevelopment of the port, railway and iron ore mine inland. The assessment included a full EEMUA / API inspection of the 6 no. 60,000 litre tanks.

The report was to include recommendations and specifications with budget costing for various options to provide sufficient fuel for the construction phase and for when the mine became fully operational.



The Solution

A three man team was deployed to Sierra Leone in November 2010 following client briefings in London. The local management were consulted on their requirements and project limitations. The tank farm was cleared by local labour of 20 years of vegetation to enable a detailed inspection to take place. Measurements, tank thickness and tilt angles were gathered to enable a condition report to be produced. Existing fuel rail cars were also inspected.

The team assessed the immediate requirement on site for fuel storage for heavy and light vehicles, rolling stock and power generation. Based on the report, two 50,000 litre tanks with dispensing pumps and fuel management equipment were ordered to provide an interim fuel solution whilst the longer term plans were negotiated. These included looking at options for the transport of fuel by barge, refurbishment of the existing tanks and off-loading issues.

Two engineers commissioned the tanks in-country and trained local staff in the safe operation of the equipment.

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The Outcome

The tanks were supplied to a very tight timescale and exceeded the customer’s expectations in terms of quality and functionality. Additional advice was given on fuel filtration and oil spill response preparedness.