The Project

In January 2012 A&A were called out by DHL to a tanker rollover incident in Kinross, Scotland. No information was given other than one of the tankers pots was leaking fuel. We arrived on scene and found the front pot breached. This had emptied 19000L Jet A1 onto the driveway and paddocks at one property and the garden of another. Our job was to make safe the tanker, decant the remaining fuel and recover as much product as possible.



The Solution

The Fire Service had put down a huge foam blanket masking all areas around the incident. We brought in a digger and started trying to track fuel. Initially we dug interception trenches and found 3000L of jet A1, removed this and continued digging interception trenches to recover more.

We found the drains feeding the water course and installed a weir. There was no sign of product escaping this far. We then boomed off the water course as a preventative measure as the water course feeds Loch Leven. This is a SSSI and has European status as a nature reserve and a site of natural beauty. It is also a bird sanctuary and houses numerous fish farms.

The third stage of the project was product recovery. Once the interception trenches had been dug and we had ensured no product was leaving site, we spent 6 weeks digging trial pits and installing extraction wells at various points throughout the site from which to recover product. We used two mobile OWS on site, one treating and discharging through A&A’s portable Sockit Filtration System at the bottom of the site and another treating contaminated water through a Sockit at the top of the site. We managed to recover almost half of all the product over the period we were on site.

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The Outcome

During 2012, the works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.