The Project

Originally formed from the Midland Mainline franchise to provide the train maintenance role, Maintrain Limited is the Rolling Stock maintenance division of National Express. Adler and Allan was tasked to maintain a constant fuel supply to Maintrain’s temporary diesel engine refuelling facility in North West London. A key stipulation within the contract was to be on call to deliver fuel to the facility 7 days per week, mainly within prescribed time slots during the night up to 4am. The timing of deliveries was critical to coincide with train timetabling as each diesel engine worked to specific schedules. Maintrain selected A&A as we were a local London fuel distributor operating fuel storage sites with over 70 years of expertise in fuel distribution.

The Solution

We provided on site temporary storage and refueling facilities to ensure supplies were always on hand for the client in the event of vehicle breakdowns or delays. As buffer stock storage was limited, the time scheduled vehicle movements were still critical to the on-going supply but provided a safety back up exceeding our clients’ expectations. Throughout the duration of the contract, fuel pricing was linked to the Rotterdam index to ensure best value and to provide price benchmarking for the client. During the course of the entire contract duration there were no critical delivery failures. Dave Dixon / Andrew Simpson of Maintrain Derby said...With our expertise in national inland spill response and dealing with hazardous waste we also responded to and dealt with a number of small spillages and waste issues for other parts of this project, once again exceeding clients’ service expectations.

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The Outcome

The works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.