Pollution Control

Pollution Prevention Plans and Site Maintenance

Adler & Allan delivers a range of pollution control consultancy services, from compiling pollution prevention and spill response plans, to maintaining and testing storage tanks and pollution control equipment. In the event of a pollution incident, we can also help with site clean-up. Adler & Allan has years of experience in best practice for handling hydrocarbons and controlled waste, including coastal pollution prevention.

Pollution Prevention Plans

Adler & Allan offers specialist advice and pollution consultancy services covering the compilation of pollution prevention plans, with expert knowledge of related legislation and regulations. Pollution prevention plans are essential to help minimise the risk of disrupted operations and fines in the event of an emergency.

If a pollution incident does occur, the Environmental Alliance has laid out best practice guidelines for producing a pollution incident response plan to help site operators manage their environmental responsibilities. We can help you meet these requirements.

And, as one if the UK’s leading emergency spill response providers, we have the capability and expertise to advise on and tackle every spill emergency; from a minor oil spill to a major industrial disaster. We’re a fully accredited member of the UKSpill Association with the capability, equipment and geographical locations to deal with the full range of marine, fresh and ground water spills, road tanker rollovers and land remediation projects.

Site Maintenance

Site maintenance services include the testing and maintenance of fuel tanks and associated pipework, plus forecourt separator installation and maintenance, essential to prevent pollution. Adler and Allan is one of the country’s leading separator installers, working with blue chip companies and major utility providers. Our clients include the Environment Agency, National Grid, First Hydro and many more public and private sector groups throughout the UK.

The Biofuel Paradox

Adler & Allan’s Biofuel Paradox campaign is targeting awareness of Forecourt Owners since the EU mandate for ethanol blends to be introduced into transportation fuels. Whilst such measures are largely welcomed, the new measure subsequently and unintentionally introduces environmental contaminants from fuel distribution forecourts. Visit our microsite to find out how forecourts can improve their pollution prevention [http://biofuelparadox.adlerandallan.co.uk] measures.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Pollution Control Online Enquiry Form.


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Excellent response. Contacted Adler & Allan with site location and description of incident on site. Shortly afterwards, I received a phone call confirming that a team had been dispatched and given an estimated time of arrival. Team arrived on site on time and completed the mop up effectively. Fantastic service, will cascade this incident to further promote your service.
Scottish Power