Decontamination Services

Decontamination of toxic, chemical and hazardous substances

Adler & Allan provides a complete site decontamination service across a range of industry sectors from pharmaceutical to civil defence. Wherever hazardous chemicals and materials have caused contamination our experienced chemical engineering teams can assess and eliminate any risks to the environment and human health, while restoring a site to usable levels, where possible.

Adler & Allan’s site decontamination capabilities include a variety of contaminants, including toxic chemicals, carcinogenic substances and infectious materials. We offer chemical spill response, full-site decommissioning and restoration, site machinery decontamination in preparation for change of use, as well as hazardous waste clearance.

  • Site assessment – to ascertain the best possible solution for safe and effective decontamination. The necessary mapping, sampling and analysis will be undertaken, including evaluation of facilities, such as HVAC equipment and ventilation.
  • Tailored solutions – it may be that just individual units or rooms require decontamination. We design specific solutions to clean a wide range of equipment from ducting and furniture to refrigeration systems and laboratories.
  • Preventative services – we also support our clients long-term with a range of consultative and on-going solutions which will prevent and monitor occurrence or recurrence of contamination issues. This could be supplying specialist contamination prevention kits, HVAC system coating with anti-bacterial and anti-mould products or ad-hoc decontamination services.


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Fantastic response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control. You helped convert a challenging situation into a well-managed professional response.
Esso Petroleum