Deep Cleaning Services

Our COVID-19 clean up services mean you can rest assured that your business will be safe from risk of viral spread. COVID cleaning is similar to any hazardous clean up services, our team use electrostatic sprayers to neutralise the covid virus.


Electrostatic decontamination - what is it?

  • Electrostatic is new technology developed to disinfect areas which may have been in contact with COVID-19
  • The sprays are designed to create a hostile environment for all pathogens, minimising the risk of spread


Why choose Adler and Allan

  • Our reputation proceeds us in hazardous clean ups
  • We have a response time of inside 2 hours
  • We only use state of the art equipment which means rapid and safe decontamination
  • Our electrostatic sprayers deliver Virkon that rapidly neutralises COVID-19
  • Your site will be reusable directly after our visit


Our technical operatives will arrive at your site, carry out a site inspection and then conduct a deep clean using portable electrostatic sprayers and full chemical suits.

This coats all surfaces with a thin layer of Virkon that acts to neutralise any COVID-19 which may be present. The site will then be wiped down and can be used as soon as our technical operatives have finished.