Bund Services

Why do I need Adler and Allan bund services?

  • Prevent pollution from tank leaks and spills
  • Maintain compliance
  • Ensure bund integrity
  • Reduce operational downtime and clean-up costs
  • Reduce the impact to insurance, fines and reputation

Why Adler and Allan?

  • We know the laws surrounding storage tanks and bund systems and can advise you of the most compliant, cost effective solutions
  • We can construct, audit, line and maintain your bund throughout its lifetime
  • Our experts work with all bund types and storage systems
  • Our experts can advise you on the best bund construction options for your specific storage tank

What our bund services include

Our bund services include bund construction, audit, lining and ongoing maintenance including cleaning for any storage tank type, in any sector including MoD, data centres, forecourts, utilities, rail and chemical sectors.


Ensuring compliance and environmental protection

A bund containment wall or barrier prevents spills if there is an accidental release or breach of the storage tank it surrounds. Highly skilled operators work with the full range of systems, including fuel bunds, oil bunds, diesel bunds, chemical bunds and gas bunds. They are a hugely valuable resource for a vast range of client applications where fuel is stored, including electrical and water utilities, power generation, manufacturing, marine, forecourts, retail outlets and data centres.


Bund construction

We provide tank bund construction services for a range of storage tanks including fuel, oil bunds, diesel bunds, chemical bunds and gas bunds across the electrical utilities, power generation, manufacturing, marine, forecourts and water industries. Fuel tank bunds are normally constructed from brick or block but where large volumes of liquid are being stored, they may also be constructed from reinforced concrete.


Bund audit

Our specialists can monitor bunds, reporting any damage, defects or actual breaches of the lining system, contamination risk or spill event. By quickly preventing a potential pollution incident or flagging one that has occurred, this inspection keeps clients complaint, averting or minimising environmental damage and compromised occupational health and safety.


Bund cleaning

Effective bund maintenance is crucial, with regular cleaning key to this programme. It ensures that any secondary containment system is structurally sound, with all contaminants removed.

After emptying the bund of any water or leaked tank contents with powerful vacuums, jet washers ensure a complete clean, even in the most confined, inaccessible spaces. All breached volatile or toxic liquids, such as acids, inflammables and dangerous chemicals, are safely removed and treated.


Bund lining

With many working bunds constructed more than 80 years ago from porous brick or concrete our polyurea AdlerCoat can be applied quickly, providing the toughest, most durable bund lining available in the UK, for all substances from fuel to chemicals. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is an internal tank lining solution that provides a seamless ceramic-like finish that is touch, resilient and easy to clean, and will confine even the most aggressive chemicals, ideal for bunded chemical tanks.


Bund Water Control Unit

We can install low maintenance automatic pumping systems that maintain the capacity of bunds 365 days a year. It detects the difference between oil and water and safely pumps water only out of the bund, reducing the need for waste removal or expensive maintenance. We can service bund water control equipment to ensure continuity of plant.

The law says

Be compliant

A bund base and walls must be impermeable to water and oil and checked regularly for leaks. According to the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations and SEPA it is a legal requirement in the UK and Scotland to have secondary containment on any external oil storage over 200 litres which will contain 110% of liquid held in the tank.

Commercial or industrial sites and institutes should bund any fuel storage tank exceeding 200 litres. Building regulations state that new or replacement tanks exceeding 2,500 litres must be bunded.


Control of Major Accidents Hazard (COMAH) sites may also have a legal obligation to ensure secondary containment is provided on hazardous liquid storage such as chemicals.

Legislation also states

Legislation also dictates that any other ancillary equipment such as a valve or filter, must be kept within the bund when not in use. Oil stored in mobile bowsers must also be bunded.

In order to comply with HSE legislation, all bunds must pass a ‘bund integrity test’ at least every 3 years.

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