Adler and Allan take a lead role in new emergency response group!

Adler and Allan is playing a fundamental role in The Business Emergency Recovery Group (BERG) leadership delivery team, an organisation formed to help businesses prepare for and recover from a wide range of emergencies.

Set up at the request of the HRH The Prince of Wales, Business in the Community (BITC) and Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) have formed ‘BERG’, which operates with a wider network of members and partners to provide a helping hand to businesses needing to get back on their feet following a wide range of emergencies.

Our very own Mark Calvert, Managing Director of Adler and Allan, announced the news at the recent UK Spill Association AGM, explaining his new role on BERG’s main board; a position that will see him advise on emergency response as a whole, including deploying equipment and personnel, project management and anticipating any potential dangers.

One of the main focus areas for the programme is flooding and natural catastrophes, which is where Adler and Allan can provide specific support. We have considerable expertise in flood mitigation and spill response capabilities, currently protecting key infrastructure assets, industrial and commercial businesses of all types. Through BERG, Alder and Allan can help businesses to become more resilient and streamline their response to emergencies.

BERG’s three main objectives are:

1. Help mainstream resilience and recovery within business
a) Help SMEs to understand the steps they need to take to become more resilient
b) Help larger businesses understand the ways in which they can support the recovery and resilience of local SMEs
2. Work with organisations such as the British Red Cross, Met Office, Environment Agency and Civil Contingencies. Secretariat to build greater knowledge of the issues and ways in which business  can help
3. Use BITC and SBC membership convening capabilities to offer more coherent solutions to SMEs.
As part of the leadership team, we make an annual charitable donation and will commit to attend meetings to help steer the newly-established programme.

For more information on BERG, click here.


The prompt response was really good. The lads on each occasion worked really well and did an excellent job.
Environment Agency
Can I say how pleased I am with the clean of the Purifier under plates area. Excellent job done in an impressive time. Looks really good.
Dover Seaways
… thank you both for the very speedy response to my request for assistance with our test pit problem. Your assistance was very much appreciated.
Oil States Heartlands