Flood Mitigation for the Utilities Sector

Flooding is never far from the headlines, in March the Public Accounts Committee of MPs called on the Treasury to agree longer budgets for the maintenance of flood protection. While the budget for building new defences has been agreed for the next six years to allow for longer term planning, funding for maintenance is only settled each year, making it susceptible for cuts.

For utilities providers in particular, protecting against flooding is a high priority. Assessing risk and then defending against flooding is key to ensuring essential assets, such as sub-stations, do not suffer damage, while protecting against environmental pollution.

Flood protection advice
We’ll be showcasing our flood mitigation services at Utilities Week Live, from the 21st – 23rd April, which already protect some of the UK’s key utility infrastructure assets. On stand D16, Adler and Allan’s team of experts will be hosting a series surgeries covering best-practice and advice when it comes to flood protection and general emergency response.

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Flood risk assessments: A flood risk assessment (FRA) will determine the potential risks of flooding to a site, with recommendations being given on how best to tackle the threat.

Flood defences: Following a flood risk assessment, we can advise appropriate flood defence measures. Flood defences available through Adler and Allan, include JBAR, a modular flood defence system designed specifically for the utilities sector that prevents spills as well as stopping flood water in its tracks.

Flood response and clean-up: If flooding does occur, Adler and Allan’s emergency response teams are on-hand 24/7 to clean-up flood water, preventing asset and environmental damage. Our expert teams can sanitise equipment, while limiting pollution to ground and watercourses.

Flooding is a problem that will only get worse as our country’s climate shifts to prolonged spells of wet weather. Flood mitigation should be a priority, and, if disaster does strike, proper flood plans and a quick response to prevent asset and environmental damage is essential.

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