Flood mitigation – protect your business this winter

With the devastation of last year’s winter floods still fresh in many people’s minds, businesses that suffered as a result of the extreme weather, or are at risk of flooding in the future, should put in place the correct flood mitigation steps to minimise the damage flooding can cause.


Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) will determine whether your business is at risk of flooding, including the maximum depth of any flood water predicted. This is particularly useful for ‘unknown’ sites, i.e. premises or locations where your business is likely to move or expand to. An FRA will give you the information regarding an areas flood risk now and in the future – our risk assessments go up to 60 years – so you can put plans in place and take preventative measures to stop or limit the damage flooding may cause.


Flood plans

A flood plan is essential for damage limitation. Appoint someone responsible in-house to take charge of the plan should flood water strike.


If you know that water’s on its way, relocate stock, critical records, electronic equipment or anything of high-value. Make sure all electrical appliances are disconnected and shut off the gas supply to reduce the risk of fire.


Flood defences

For businesses considered ‘at risk’ of flooding, more permanent flood defences might be the best course of action – our flood defences protect some of the UK’s most important infrastructure assets, such as sub stations, power plants and highways.


There are a range of flood defences available, including lightweight demountable systems, suitable for protecting individual buildings and critical plant, or substation sites, for example and passive flood defence systems. An FRA will determine the most suitable flood defence for your business. Adler and Allan can supply the modular flood defence system, JBAR.


Other flood defence activities include civil engineering works, such as trench excavation and the installation of pumps, gauges and alarms – remote monitoring and early warning systems are essential for catching flood water before it causes serious damage.


Spray lining is an effective way of preventing the deterioration flood water can cause, safeguarding tanks, roofs, floors and other external or internal surfaces. In general, applying one of Adler and Allan’s specialist protective coatings and linings to suitable assets will prolong their life and ensure waterproofing, provide exceptional oil and chemical resistance and are safe to use in confined spaces. Adler and Allan’s spray lining is exceptionally quick to apply and dry on almost any substrate.


Maintain separators

Sites, such as manufacturing plants, must maintain their separators. Separators are essential for trapping harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area and if not kept clean, can become blocked and their filters saturated, stopping the flow of water off a site or causing polluted water to contaminate the local environment.


Flood clean-up

In the event of a flood, cleaning up the aftermath quickly and efficiently will help salvage water damaged equipment and buildings, as well as minimise any risk to the environment. Depending on the scale of the flooding, calling in expert help will ensure rapid clean up and damage limitation.


Our Emergency Response teams are on call 24/7 and can strengthen flood defences, as well as undertaking the pumping, tinkering and disposal of floodwater.


Read more about Adler and Allan’s Flood Mitigation services, here.


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