Fuel uplifts and transfers, call in the experts

Moving fuel, to transfer from one tank to another, replenish stocks, dispose of waste or surplus fuel, can be a headache, with spill and pollution risks part of the territory. Expert fuel uplift and transport support will make these processes seamless and stress free, whether your business stores and sells fuel, or simply uses it for transport and/or HVAC purposes.

When does fuel need uplifting and transferring?

  • Excess fuel that has become surplus to requirements
  • Site decommissioning
  • Forecourt fuel uplifts (due to site refurbishment)
  • Transfer from one tank to another
  • Tank replenishment

Emergency fuel uplifts
We’ve recently been involved in a large emergency fuel uplift contract, uplifting 1.2 million litres of fuel with a high FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ether) content on behalf of a number of leading fuel suppliers. Adler and Allan worked around the clock for seven days straight to get the job done, ensuring minimal downtime to the affected sites. With a wealth of experience in emergency response, we were chosen for the job thanks to our ability to react quickly and in a timely manner.

Fuel experts
Apart from emergency response, Adler and Allan has considerable experience across a range of fuel services, including transportation, tank maintenance and general forecourt services, and a dedicated tanker fleet throughout the UK. All our drivers are trained in operating fuel transfer pumps, handling hazardous materials and following spill response procedures; any problems are dealt with safely and professionally.

We handle all types of fuel including gas oil, heating oils, waste oils, lubricants and petroleum spirit, and can uplift from both above ground and underground storage tanks using specialist tankers and fuel transfer pump equipment. Our tanker fleet provides bulk fuel transfers to and from anywhere in the UK. On request, fuel can be stored at one of our facilities.

Fuel crossovers
E&S Environmental regularly manages fuel crossovers, with specialist tankers and support vehicles throughout the UK capable of dealing with various types of incident. We can reprocess mixed fuel back into separate components and can save time by carrying this out at our depots.

For more information about our fuel uplift and transfer services, click here.


Fantastic response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control. You helped convert a challenging situation into a well-managed professional response.
Esso Petroleum
We were all very impressed with the professionalism shown by the personnel supplied to carry out this task.
BP Oil
...a quick note to thank you and your staff for your assistance on what was quite a challenging project and for the professional way in which it was carried out. I am extremely pleased and relieved that the work went smoothly and without incident.
Carrs Milling Industries PLC