Government Pledge £140m for Flood Clean-Up

In it’s 2014 budget, the government has pledged £140m extra funding for repairing and improving the UK’s flood defences, following the devastating storms in England and Wales this winter. The money is in addition to the £130m already set aside back in February.

As experts in flood defence and emergency response, we welcome this latest announcement; the money will certainly go some way to helping home and business owners get back on tier feet following the intense downpours, and ensure greater investment in the clean-up operation.

A treasury source explained; ‘Following the extreme weather, we need to invest in repairs to ensure that homes retain the high level of protection they received this winter. We are determined to increase future funds for maintenance and repairs so communities have the security they need to rebuild their local economies and get back on track.’

What is disappointing, however, is that although money is ‘no object’, in the emergency relief effort from floods; this pledge is not extended to establishing new flood defences across the UK.

Flood Experts

Meanwhile, our flood defence and emergency response teams remain on red-alert to protect important infrastructure assets from the damage caused by the recent flooding. We have BPEC trained engineers to carry out flood surveys and install full-scale passive flood defences; light-weight demountable systems, suitable for protecting individual buildings and critical plant, of a substation site, for example.

It’s encouraging that the Government recognise the serious threat flooding poses to both domestic properties and businesses but there’s always more that can be done. Make sure your organisation protected, let us assess your flood risk and help you take steps to minimise the damage flood water can cause.

Adler and Allan’s emergency response teams are on call 24/7 and can help mitigate against flooding, and can undertake response work such as pumping, tankering and disposal of floodwater. The company is a contractor to the UK Environment Agency, the Marine and Coastguard Agency, as well as many blue-chip industrial and commercial companies.



The entire team that attended today were completely professional and are a credit to Adler And Allan. Due to the nature and extent of the works, they were monitored throughout the activity and at no point did they conduct themselves in a less than professional manner. The works were visible to all persons within the building and demonstrated the professional supply partners that Norland use. Well done!
...again, appreciate the swift response with our customers this weekend.
Certas Energy
The two men who came up to the Distillery did an excellent job. You would not know that there had been a spillage, they left the place spotless.
Scottish Distillery