Intercept Pollution, Maintain Your Separators

Separators, or interceptors, are essential for avoiding pollution on premises where oil, or other hazardous spills, are a risk – such as distribution depots, forecourts, fuel storage sites and major car parks or anywhere hydrocarbons are frequently used. Designed to trap harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area, separators can become blocked and their filters saturated, stopping the flow of water off your site or causing polluted water to contaminate the local environment.

A growing number of oil pollution incidents has meant that the Environment Agency is now focusing on at-risk premises, with many of the problems identified caused by separators not being serviced properly, resulting in owners facing hefty fines and prosecution. The Environment Agency standard, PPG3 and European standard, EN858-2, both state that separators should be serviced at least twice a year and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevent Separator Disaster With a Service and Maintenance Contract From Adler and Allan

Adler and Allan has extensive experience in the service and maintenance of Full Retention and Forecourt separators, providing customers with peace of mind that their separators will be kept to legal standards, while minimising the disruption that pollution or flooding could cause to their business.

Service and Maintenance contract benefits:

  • Reduce the threat of disruption to your site
  • Protect the environment
  • Meet Environment Agency obligations
  • Prevent the risk of fines and clean-up costs
  • Help your company achieve ISO 14001
  • Free separator installation and certification

For separator installations where there is insufficient information regarding the equipment’s current condition and functionality, Adler and Allan can also carry out a Separator System Audit.

Maintain All Of Your Assets

Apart from the separators themselves, Adler and Allan can also fit and maintain related alarms, check tanks are structurally sound – something that should take place every five years according to the Environment Agency – as well as installation and servicing for sewage treatment plants, pump stations and bund water control units.


The entire team that attended today were completely professional and are a credit to Adler And Allan. Due to the nature and extent of the works, they were monitored throughout the activity and at no point did they conduct themselves in a less than professional manner. The works were visible to all persons within the building and demonstrated the professional supply partners that Norland use. Well done!
…very impressed with the approach and hard work without compromising safety standards and procedures.
EDF Energy / Balfour Beatty Workplace
...again, appreciate the swift response with our customers this weekend.
Certas Energy