Keeping fuel fit for purpose – Fuel sampling, testing and polishing

An EU Directive (2009/30/EC), introduced in 2011 to ensure that diesel and gas oil is lower in sulphur, has seen an increase in the production of bio-fuels. While arguably better for the environment, the ‘bio’ element makes fuels prone to contamination and degradation so cleaner storage, tank maintenance and in some cases, fuel polishing, is key to ensuring fuel quality.

Whether a business owner or facilities manager, the process of maintaining fuel quality is a critical one – particularly where fuel lies dormant for some time and is not regularly used, agitated or changed over, as is often the case in a back-up power supply. If fuel is left to degrade, it can compromise the safe operation of machinery and vehicles and (in the example of back-up power) prevent critical equipment – such as data centres – from working in the event of an emergency.

Bio-fuel problems
Bio-fuels are less tolerant of tank contamination and have hydroscopic properties, meaning they absorb and release water as ambient and environmental conditions change. Water encourages the growth of bio materials that can clog filters and create tank sludge known widely as ‘the diesel bug’. All this will lead to mechanical breakdown, loss of productivity and critical business failure. Once the tanks themselves are in good working order, regular fuel sampling and testing, will highlight problems before a major issue arises with fuel polishing and tank cleaning available to return fuel to its correct state.

Solving the problem
Regular fuel testing, on-site, or in Adler and Allan’s dedicated laboratory will ensure fuel quality remains a priority.

Tank cleaning and fuel polishing
Adler and Allan’s range of both man entry and non-man entry tank cleaning systems along with our fuel polishing services can remediate any size tank with any volume of fuel. Our variety of fuel polishing systems gives us the capability to polish from 3,000 litres per hour up to as much as 42,000 litres per hour.

Laboratory fuel sampling and analysis
The laboratory environment has a number of benefits, including a controlled temperature and state-of-the art facilities, ensuring the most accurate results. Once testing is complete, the analysis report is emailed directly to clients, in an easy-to-read format. We can deliver either standard tests, as defined by the regulatory bodies mentioned, or bespoke testing based on the specific requirements of the client and their industry.

We also offer consultant support services to help identify sources of contamination. Where an issue has been found, fuel polishing is employed to remove unwanted particulates, water and bacterial contamination and therefore eliminate the source of the problem. Our team of experts will then advise clients on how to prevent contamination occurring in the future.

For more information about Adler and Allan’s fuel sampling and testing services, click here.


I just want to take this opportunity to thank Adler & Allan for their fantastic and well managed professional response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control.
Esso Petroleum
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Environment Agency
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