Red Alert For Flood Defence Specialists

Adler and Allan’s flood defence and emergency response teams are on red alert, geared-up to help protect the UK’s most important infrastructure assets from the devastating flooding, which has spread across the country as a result of the worst rainfall in more than 200 years.

Ensuring the appropriate flood defences are in place is key for a range of important services; such as energy substations and highways; is essential to protect these assets, maintaining their functionality for end users, while avoiding the potential risks that flooding can indirectly cause to the environment.

Adler and Allan has BPEC certified operatives to carry out flood surveys and install systems, suitable for protecting individual buildings and critical plant, of a substation site, for example. We provide a full range of flood defence services and products that will protect electricity substations and highways from flooding, while reducing any risk to the environment, including:

  • Civil engineering capability – we carry out a range of civil works such as groundworks, excavation trenches and concreting. We handle all types of pipework, above and below ground, and install and maintain pumps, gauges and alarms.
  • Bund construction, repair and lining services – we can advise on the most economical ways of rebuilding or reinforcing bunds, including relining bunds with one our state-of-the-art lining systems.
  • Oil/water separator installation, maintenance and pumping – we can specify and install the right separators and carry-out regular servicing.
  • Remote monitoring and early warning systems – we provide a range of remote monitoring systems, including telemetry early warning systems for flooding.


Excellent response. Contacted Adler & Allan with site location and description of incident on site. Shortly afterwards, I received a phone call confirming that a team had been dispatched and given an estimated time of arrival. Team arrived on site on time and completed the mop up effectively. Fantastic service, will cascade this incident to further promote your service.
Scottish Power
We were all very impressed with the professionalism shown by the personnel supplied to carry out this task.
BP Oil
I would just like to pass on my appreciation for the extremely professional and efficient service provided by Amanda Merchant.  We were in need of expertise and support and were delighted with the response.  I would be grateful if you could relay this to the appropriate department.
Alpha Delphini