Divisional Manager – Doncaster / Teesside

Please email Careers@adlerandallan.co.uk for more information

The post-holder will be required to attend the Teesside division on a regular basis.

Salary dependent on experience and capability

We are seeking to recruit an experienced Divisional Manager to lead our Doncaster and Teesside divisions.

Utilising skills, knowledge and experience gained whilst in a similar position in the industry, the post-holder is required to manage and develop all aspects of the Doncaster and Teesside divisions; this will include all operational, sales and financial aspects to be most efficient and effective with profit being a key focus. The performance and success of the post-holder will be assessed on the financial and operational success of the divisions within remit.

Employed on a full time basis, the Divisional Manager will be required to dedicate any time to ensure success of the divisions and deployment will be outside of core contractual hours, including unsocial hours, weekends and stay away from home overnight as a frequent feature of the role. The post-holder is expected to respond out of hours by telephone or email to respond to any requirement.

Key tasks and accountabilities associated with the role are as follows:

  • To promote the financial, operational and organisational success of the Doncaster and Teesside divisions.
  • Manage and promote safe working practice and process; monitor & investigate all incidents that occur within the divisional area.
  • Ensure all works programmes are planned, managed and executed to promote maximum efficiency and be most cost effective whilst delivering excellent service to the Company’s customers.
  • Manage all financial matters of the divisions and control and monitor all expenditure. The post-holder must be capable of providing the Northern General Manager with a profit and cost overview with little notice and on occasion, with no notice. The post-holder must manage the divisional p&l to be most efficient.
  • Prepare and deliver presentation as to any aspect of the Doncaster and Teesside divisions; presentation to be delivered to operational, administrative and senior management employees.
  • Daily management of the divisional operations.
  • Significantly increase the sales and marketing success of the divisions. The post-holder must plan and deliver a successful strategy with regards to sales and marketing, including all forecasting.
  • Be fully briefed of the divisional capability with regards to qualifications; the post-holder will be expected to identify training requirements and plan training to reduce any disruption to operations and service delivery.
  • Any task for which the post-holder is capable of undertaking and requested by line or senior management.

This list is not exhaustive and the post-holder will undertake additional tasks as instructed by the Northern General Manager.

The Divisional Manager will be required to attend regular progress meetings with the Northern General Manager and satisfy key performance indicators.

Applicants should be from a Waste Management Sector or Industrial Services with the ability to manage the operational, sales/marketing and financial aspects of the divisions and demonstrate a proven track record of sales, operational and staff management.

The post holder will be expected to undertake all duties in a professional manner, representing the Company well; demonstrate dedication and commitment and promote a positive culture within the divisions.

Applicants must possess a clean UK driving licence and may be required to undertake DBS background checks due to the environments in which they may be expected to operate.

If you feel you have the skills, personality and experience, please forward your curriculum vitae and a covering letter to:

Peter Lohan, Northern General Manager / peter.lohan@adlerandallan.co.uk