Reduce the environmental risk on your site in the up-coming cold weather

Four considerations for your site to remain safe and compliant

The Met Office has announced that a weather event is taking place high above the North Pole which could lead to another 'Beast from the East' hitting the UK with snow and cold weather in the coming weeks. Combined with another national lockdown and reduced staff on site as well as delayed PPM work, this could spell disaster for your sites.

Here are four considerations for your site to remain safe and compliant:

  • Protect your tanks and pipes
  • Ensure your PPM is up-to-date
  • Keep your equipment clean and free-flowing
  • Can your equipment cope with a high volume of water?

Protect your tanks and pipes

If you store fuel on your site, this cold snap could cause increased demand and risk, with tanks and pipes liable to being damaged by freezing temperatures. A common problem for tanks as the temperature drops is burst pipework, so steps should be taken to protect them against corrosion and physical damage.

Ensure your PPM is up-to-date

If you have small cracks in your drainage, bund or separator systems, ice from the cold weather could expand in them leaving larger cracks once thawed. These cracks could expose your drainage to leaks and spills which could cause damage to the environment and downtime in your operation.

Ensure your PPM is up-to-date ahead of the cold snap so this isn’t an issue for you.

Is your equipment clean and ready

If your drainage, bund and separator systems are blocked with ice it could cause run off across your site.

Ensure your equipment is clean and free-flowing, and your pumps are working and have been recently tested.

Don’t be overwhelmed

With thawing snow and ice or heavy rainfall there will inevitably be a huge amount of water. Where will this go on your site? High volumes of water in your separator or drains can create a flooding risk causing polluted water to contaminate the local environment. Ensure you have considered the melt pathway of thawed ice and snow and have put steps in place to protect the environment.

We have been designated keyworkers and can visit your site to ensure your equipment is safe, compliant, and ready for the cold snap. Call us on 0800 592827.