Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

We acknowledge and actively promote awareness of Mental Health Awareness Week.

We acknowledge and actively promote awareness of Mental Health Awareness Week. With COVID-19 having an impact on every aspect of life, more so than ever, encouraging employees to take good care of their own mental health and that of their families, friends and of course, their colleagues is of paramount importance.


Mental ill health can affect anyone at any time and mental health problems are all too common in the workplace, identified as a leading cause of sickness absence. 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK.


We encourage and promote support and unity in our community through effective communication, supporting employees to take care of their own mental health as well as awareness for their colleagues’ mental health and talking to each other in a kind and caring manner.


Talking about mental health can seem daunting, however we believe all colleagues have the ability to talk to and support each other.


Working life accounts for a considerable part of life and as such, taking care of those we work alongside is very important. This creates open communication, reduces the fear associated with talking about difficult issues and enables the right support can be provided when needed.


We have created and provided a Mental Health Policy, offering guidance and advice in relation to awareness and addressing mental health in the workplace. In addition to this, there is also a support plan designed to be used by Managers and/or Mental Health First Aiders to identify and document a plan to support a colleague who may require assistance.


Regional HR Advisers along with other colleagues have undergone Mental Health First Aid training to enable any colleague who may have concerns with regards to Mental Health to contact suitably trained colleagues. The training and development of Mental Health First Aiders will continue and further communications about Mental Health First Aiders will be issued to further support an environment of good mental health within the workplace.


Whilst this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, we will strive to continue the unity, care and support demonstrated across the Company through the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring this continues in the future and contributes to successfully and supportively managing Mental Health in the working community.