Case study - Net-Zero action plan

Ministry of Defence Logistics Contract

The Project

Working in partnership with one of the world’s largest logistics companies, Adler and Allan developed a strategy and action plan to support the achievement of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Net-Zero target.


The Solution

The Client has a multi-million pound contract with the MoD to supply commodities and provide logistics support to front-line operations.

As the public sector contract exceeded £5m annually, the Client was required to develop a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) to demonstrate the commitment to achieving Net-Zero throughout the duration of the contract. Furthermore, under the umbrella of Net-Zero, the Client had contractual requirements to achieve specific levels of environmental performance by set milestones. These included zero waste to landfill, reduce water use, and increase energy efficiency of the existing estate.

Adler and Allan’s sustainability division supported the Client to assess all areas of logistics operations, including buildings, vehicle fleet, business travel, procurement and waste to baseline environmental performance. Fully costed recommendations were sets out in a prioirtised action plan which included the procurement of clean energy, on-site renewable energy generation, electrification of vehicle fleet, hydrogen powered heavy-haulage and sustainable procurement practices.

As the Client manages the procurement of thousands of commodities on behalf of the MoD, it was important to assess the carbon emissions of the wider supply chain. Adler and Allan developed a phased approach to engage with Tier 1 suppliers in the first instance, ensuring that all key stakeholders are reporting robust and consistent data. Adler and Allan helps to coordinate the collection of such data, verify its accuracy and collate into a single methodology to report to the Client and the MoD. The plan then sets out a roadmap to engage with Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers over several years. The priority in which suppliers are engaged is chosen based on a number of parameters including financial spend, the type of product/service procured, level of risk etc. The progressive approach allows for practical and continuous improvement in data collection and accuracy; and to gain a deep granular understanding of the MoD supply chain.


The Outcome

A Net-Zero strategy was developed for the client to achieve carbon neutrality for all operations within the scope of the contract by 2028 – in line with the MoD’s wider Net-Zero targets. Adler and Allan also provided external verification that zero waste to landfill and other contractual requirements had been achieved, or that were on track to meet set targets.