Marine Oil Spill Response

Marine Oil Spills & Coastline Oil Spill

Adler & Allan is one of the leading marine spill response companies in the UK, providing emergency and ongoing response to port, harbour and marine oil spills. In addition, we supply spill training, specialist spill response exercises and marine response consultancy, helping to reduce both the short term and long-term impact on the environment.

Strategically located around the UK, we provide a comprehensive package of skills to deal with any marine or oil spill on the coastline. With expert on-scene commanders close at hand, response teams are able to rapidly control and deal with the spill.

An Extensive Marine Pollution Capability

  • National Network of fully manned Marine Spill Response bases including storage facilities
  • High manpower levels
  • Boat handling skills
  • Local knowledge
  • Decades of experience in spill response

 Dedicated Fleet of Response Vehicles and Equipment

  • Oil spills
  • Diesel spills
  • Kerosene spills
  • Aviation fuel spills
  • Chemical and other hazardous waste spills

Dedicated Response Vehicles and Equipment

  • 7 fully equipped Marine Spill Response Vehicles
  • 5 product transfer units
  • Broad range of equipment & kits including harbour booms, oil sorbent booms, cushions, pads, skimmers, storage tanks, drums and ancillary equipment

Adler & Allan are accredited to provide Tier 2 pollution response services to over 50 UK ports and harbours from our nationwide network of UK bases. In addition, we are accredited by the Nautical Institute on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to undertake any type of marine pollution contingency planning and training, including coastline oil spill exercises.

See our case study on the decontamination of the Dunlin offshore oil rig here for more information on how Adler & Allan remove oil spills and reduce its environmental impact.

Adler & Allan and BERG

Adler & Allan is a founding member of the Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG), designed to help businesses and communities across the UK to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as flooding, cyber-attacks and civil unrest.

Read more on disaster recovery today.

Become a member of BITC.

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For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Marine Oil Spill Response Online Enquiry Form.

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