Adler & Allan Shine at Utility Week Live

Following on from the success of the first day, Adler & Allan yesterday enjoyed another day of positive feedback and interaction at Utility Week Live 2016.

Thanks to our proactive team of resilience and utilities experts, the event saw us greatly exceed expectations, attracting considerable social media attention and a significant number of delegates to our stand.

It also allowed us to network with various professionals in the utilities sector, detail the solutions that set us apart in the industry and, more importantly, explain the range of benefits clients can expect from these solutions.

We didn’t let our experts do all of the talking though.

Situated in the Outdoor Demo Zone of Birmingham’s NEC, we challenged visitors to test just how strong our industry leading Adalline® 400 Polyurea coating really is. Specifically, we invited them to take part in two rather unconventional tasks: the ‘hammer test’, and the ‘walking on water’ test.

Alder & Allan Spraying Protective Polyurea Coating Into Cardboard Box


The former saw us apply 2mm of our coating to a wall of breeze blocks secured with sealant alone, and task a volunteer with damaging the structure with a hammer.

The result?

Not so much as a single scratch or crack to the coating.

We also experienced the same level of success with the walking on water test, which saw  delegates stand in a cardboard box filled with water, protected only by a 2mm barrier of our coating.

For those preferring not to get their hands dirty, our Group Utilities Resilience Manager, Chris Wood, delivered a detailed keynote on the current state of asset resilience.


Adler & Allan's Chris Wood Delivers Asset Resilience Speech


Throughout the talk, Chris touched upon the increasing need for the utilities sector to adopt a holistic approach to both flood mitigation and oil containment. He also explored the vast potential applications of Adalline® 400 and the science behind it, providing visitors with an even greater appreciation for the demonstrations we held throughout the event.

At an event where the word ‘resilience’ was subject to almost limitless definitions and interpretations, Adler & Allan’s vast experience allowed Chris to deliver something different: a concise and accessible talk that provided clear examples of asset resilience in practice.

It also helped drive further interest to our stand, as well as a wave of positive feedback – something we’re keen to build on and bring forward to Utility Week Live 2017.

If you missed the action, you can catch up with the conversation by following us on Twitter and following the official Utility Week Live hashtag: #UWL16



…very impressed with the approach and hard work without compromising safety standards and procedures.
EDF Energy / Balfour Beatty Workplace
…thanks for the assistance that your call out team provided to help us deal with the water ingress into our building here…I know we get a good service from yourselves with regards to looking after our fuel system but when called upon at such short notice to help out with the water leak, we received an excellent service once again.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Excellent response. Contacted Adler & Allan with site location and description of incident on site. Shortly afterwards, I received a phone call confirming that a team had been dispatched and given an estimated time of arrival. Team arrived on site on time and completed the mop up effectively. Fantastic service, will cascade this incident to further promote your service.
Scottish Power