Flood Defence Pros To The Rescue!

Many thousands of properties have suffered at the hands of ‘biblical-style flooding’, which has spread across the UK as a result of the worst rainfall in more than 200 years. Homeowners and local authorities alike now face the grim task of protecting their valuables from further damage or undertaking the big clean-up.

In response to the spiking demand for professional flood defence and clean-up services, environmental specialists, Adler and Allan are diverting their commercial and industrial emergency response crews to deliver professional help to the domestic and local authority arenas.

Adler and Allan’s teams are trained in rapid response, so if you’re a flood victim, help is at hand. It is essential that the aftermath is cleared up quickly and efficiently, not only to save damaged items; but to ensure any risk to the environment has been minimised from the spill or leak of hazardous products. Expert help will ensure rapid clean up and damage limitation.

Alan Scrafton, Group Marketing Manager at Adler and Allan, explained: “The UK has experienced the worst winter storms for two decades, with an unprecedented number of flood warnings in place, and many areas on flood alert.

“Homeowners and local authorities need to take this opportunity to assess their need for flood defence and/or specialised assistance with the clean-up process. Floodwaters are often contaminated with sewage, or other hazardous materials, so it’s key that professionals are called upon to deal with the situation using industry best practice.”

Plan for Property Protection

Here are some top tips for properties at risk from flooding:

  • If your property is deemed at risk of flooding, make sure you have a plan in place. Adler and Allan can assess the risk, create a tailored plan, and provide emergency response services in the event of a flood.
  • It is important that you check insurance policies in the event of water damage to personal items and/or the property.
  • Store valuable items, paperwork, and electronic equipment away from potential risk.
  • Prevent pollution – are there any potentially hazardous materials that could pose a threat to human life or the environment?

Adler and Allan’s emergency response teams are on call 24/7 and can strengthen flood defence, as well as undertaking the pumping, tankering and disposal of floodwater. The company is an approved contractor to the UK Environment Agency, the Marine and Coastguard Agency, as well as many blue-chip industrial and commercial companies.

For further information on Adler and Allan’s flood defence or emergency response services, call: 0800 592 827.


Fantastic response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control. You helped convert a challenging situation into a well-managed professional response.
Esso Petroleum
I would just like to pass on my appreciation for the extremely professional and efficient service provided by Amanda Merchant.  We were in need of expertise and support and were delighted with the response.  I would be grateful if you could relay this to the appropriate department.
Alpha Delphini
…congratulate you and your team for the professionalism and physical commitment…in bringing the incident to a safe and successful conclusion.
Stathclyde Fire & Rescue