Flood Defence Specialists On-Hand To Protect The UK

Adler and Allan, leaders in emergency environmental response, has made a pledge to help protect many of the UK’s most important infrastructure assets from the ‘biblical-style flooding’, which has spread across the UK as a result of the worst rainfall in more than 200 years.

It is feared that further flooding will cause yet more disruption to consumers, including cut power supplies and flooded roadways, as well as posing a risk to the environment.

Alan Scrafton, Group Marketing Manager at Adler and Allan, explained: “With the flood damage set to cost the UK close to £1 billion*, the emphasis now really has to be on bringing in highly qualified teams of experts, appropriately trained and equipped to deal with this type of devastation and risks it presents.

“We need to protect our infrastructure assets, including power and roadways, as well as minimising environmental damage. We have a strong partnership with flood defence system suppliers so are well-placed to action our flood defence programmes, quickly and efficiently.”

Adler and Allan provide a full range of services and products that will protect some of the UK’s essential services from flooding, and reduce any risk to the environment. Its team of experts can specify and install flood defences, advise on environmental protection best practice and provide specialist operations such as:

  • Debris removal and floodwater pumping and tankering
  • Flood clean-up, sanitising and drying
  • Civil engineering capability
  • Bund construction, repair and lining services
  • Oil/water separator installation, maintenance and pumping
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Flood defences

Adler and Allan has BPEC certified operatives to carry out flood surveys and install flood defence products such as flood barriers, light-weight demountable systems, suitable for protecting individual buildings and critical plant, of a substation site, for example. In addition, Adler and Allan can deliver a range of highly effective passive flood defence systems. For more information on Adler and Allan’s Flood Defences and 24 hour emergency response service, call 0800 592 827.




…very impressed with the approach and hard work without compromising safety standards and procedures.
EDF Energy / Balfour Beatty Workplace
The two men who came up to the Distillery did an excellent job. You would not know that there had been a spillage, they left the place spotless.
Scottish Distillery
Please could we say thank you to the guys who cleaned up the diesel in the oil tank room. I was extremely pleased with the work they have completed and in their work ethics. The floor now looks like you could eat off it.
NG Bailey