Keeping back the summer floods

It’s supposed to be ‘flaming June’ but you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d fast-forwarded into the autumn, with dropping temperatures and heavy rainfall. The uncertain nature of the UK climate means that extreme weather conditions can happen at any time of year, with flooding presenting almost just as much as threat in the summer. In fact, summer flooding can sometimes be even more of an issue, especially when rain falls after long periods of dry weather leaving the ground unable to absorb high volumes of water. Summer rain is often heavy too – thunderstorms bring intense down pours with the potential to be extremely damaging.

Over the last ten years, the UK has experienced various severe flood events, with June 2007 being recorded as the wettest June in Britain since weather records began.  Record rainfall in July 2007 resulted in widespread flooding and transport disruption across the South Midlands.  More recently during the months of April to July 2012, the UK experienced a period of exceptional wet weather breaking previous rainfall records.

With over 300,000 commercial properties estimated to be at risk across the UK, businesses need to ensure they are not only aware of their flood risk, but also better prepared. Businesses should safeguard themselves from flooding all year round, not just turn their attentions to this problem in the traditionally wetter autumn and winter. Simple steps, like making sure drains and forecourt separators are clear will allow water to run off safely. Where a site is deemed ‘at risk’, something that can be ascertained through a Flood Risk Assessment, more robust measures may need to be implemented.

Protective coatings, can provide a waterproof barrier for many substrates, including brick walls, roofs, floors and tanks; for tanks in particular, these coatings will prevent water ingress and hazardous substances leaking out.

If and when flooding does occur, a plan of action will keep people safe and limit damage to valuable equipment. Businesses can save up to 90% on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment by taking action in advance – moving computer equipment off ground level, for example, is a simple step that can save a great deal of money. Our version of sand bags, the Soak Bag, is an extremely light weight alternative that can be easily stored and transported; an excellent first-line of defence should the waters start rising.

If expert help is required, as the UK’s leading flood responder, we’re on-call to help and can mobilise our flood clean up teams 24/7, 365 days a year – we’ve recently been helping in Cumbria following the devastating storms of winter 2015/2016.

The British summer time is not often that sunny, rain is a common feature that can cause a great deal of damage to our communities. Protect your site, buildings and assets by ensuring you’re prepared for the worst: understand the risk, mitigate the risk where possible and have plans in place should flooding be unavoidable.

Adler & Allan’s flood protection capabilities

Flood risk assessments: A flood risk assessment (FRA) will determine the potential risks of flooding to a site, with recommendations being given on how best to tackle the threat.

Flood mitigation: Following a flood risk assessment, we can advise appropriate flood mitigation measures, including defences and other solutions such as self-closing air bricks and drain pipes. Flood defences available through Adler and Allan, include JBAR, a modular flood mitigation system.

Flood response and clean-up: If flooding does occur, Adler and Allan’s emergency response teams are on-hand 24/7 to clean-up flood water, preventing asset and environmental damage. Our expert teams can sanitise equipment, while limiting pollution to ground and watercourses as well as remediate contaminated areas.


Fantastic response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control. You helped convert a challenging situation into a well-managed professional response.
Esso Petroleum
‘...thank you for responding to my request on a flood risk alert…I was very pleased with their attitude and response to the situation on site.’
Western Power Distribution

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your operatives for a speedy response and good work on site (as always).

National Grid