Successful Oil Spill Management Exercise

‘Exercise Black Rock’ – A Successful Oil Spill Management Exercise in Yarmouth

On Tuesday 17th October, Adler & Allan hosted ‘Exercise Black Rock’ – an oil spill incident management exercise in conjunction with Yarmouth Harbour.

The intention of this exercise was to test the capability and processes for response to a hydrocarbon spill which occurs due to a collision. The scenario is designed to exercise the emergency response procedures and Oil Spill Contingency Plans in place for Yarmouth Harbour. It also tested the Incident Management structure in place and the procedures / cooperation between Yarmouth Harbour, Adler and Allan (A&A Tier 2 Response) and other external parties that may be involved in an oil spill incident and oil spill clean-up in the area.

Scenario Details: On the 17th October at 0900, the Harbour Office receives a call from the RNLI. They report that a 10m power boat has collided with an underwater object out of the harbour by Black Rock Buoy. The vessel, ‘Starfish’, is being brought in to the harbour by the RNLI and they want to know where to berth the vessel. There is damage to the vessel resulting in water being taken on in addition to a trail of Marine Gas Oil being released. A large sheen is present in the immediate vicinity and it appears that fuel is now leaking quicker. Initial estimations are that 1 tonne of product has been released but the source has not been isolated.

The team of A&A staff involved in the exercise planning, design and execution included David Bray (Environmental Consultant) & Will Locke (Divisional Manager – Hamble) in the Incident Command Centre, Evan Moore as Team Leader with two operatives and resources from the Tiverton base.

Other participants who attended on the day included: Wightlink, MCA, Local Authorities and neighbouring ports and harbours in addition to a crane company and tanker company.

A hot wash (debrief) took place on the back of the exercise to capture immediate feedback on the successes and lessons learned. A longer period of review and analysis of the feedback also took place, leading to a fuller debrief and a written report being submitted to the main players after the exercise.

See below for more images of the exercise. Well done to the A&A team for a successful exercise. For further information on this exercise, please contact David Bray.

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Swift response and excellent team effort.
Dartmouth Harbour
Thank you for your patience and the work you and your team carried out…it was first class and professional.
EDF Energy
...again, appreciate the swift response with our customers this weekend.
Certas Energy