Planned Preventative Maintenance

Prevent breakdown, ensure safety and save on costs for your business with Adler and Allan’s Planned Preventative Maintenance services. Read on to find out why PPM with Adler and Allan is an excellent choice for your business, and complete the form attached to access streamlined information that suits your specific requirements.


What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

PPM, also known as predictive maintenance, involves the maintenance checks of equipment and building fabric at regular intervals to avoid breakdown, ensuring a safer workplace. It involves clear planning and scheduling of maintenance activities, and can be carried out at regular temporal intervals (time based preventative maintenance) or in regular response to the life cycles of pieces of equipment and building fabric (condition based or ‘condition management’).

How can I benefit from Planned Preventative Maintenance?

There are several reasons why PPM is an excellent method of sustaining your business operations:

  • It avoids reactive maintenance and is therefore a more effective form of facility management, avoiding delays and interruption of regular work orders
  • It is a cost effective and cost saving maintenance strategy to asset management, as maintenance is pre-planned, and therefore easier to budget for
  • It provides a safer and more enjoyable work environment where staff can be assured maintenance works are carried out on a regular, preventative basis, as opposed to assets being fixed in response to an issue
  • With PPM, It is easier to ensure OFTEC compliance as this can be factored into your maintenance plan in advance

Beyond these fantastic benefits, you can be secure in knowing you’re making the right choice with Adler and Allan due to our expert accreditations and legislation compliance. We utilise an expert team of OFTEC accredited staff, ensuring all oil storage facilities meet legislation, and our team offer tank inspections to EEMUA 159 Level 2.

Why choose Adler and Allan?

PPM requires rigorous planning and a maintenance schedule with maintenance software to be effective in providing the benefits listed above. With that in mind, you need an established company you can trust to deliver. As Britain’s biggest environmental risk reduction company, operating since 1926 with nationwide coverage, Adler and Allan fits the bill. 

Our expansive coverage of multiple areas ensures a varied offer of maintenance programs, including those related to interceptors and site gullies, fuel compliance, testing and polishing, emergency spill contingency planning and 24/7 emergency fuel. This allows us to offer you an all in one approach to your PPM, saving you time and money in searching for multiple providers to fulfill PPM for different areas of your business needs.

Adler and Allan diagnosed a series of unexpected issues with our tank infrastructure that could have seriously damaged our business

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