Catchment Pit Lining

Allerton Waste Recovery Plant

The Project

Adler and Allan were engaged by contract partner Vinci Construction to undertake specialist lining works to a series of underground catchment pits at the Allerton Waste Recovery Plant. The scope of works included the cleaning, preparation and coating of gas cooling pits and anaerobic storage chambers associated with energy generation process on site.

The Solution

Using Adalline 400 Polyurea, Adler and Allan were able to offer a lining solution that sealed the chambers, preventing any potential leaching into the surrounding area. Adalline was chosen for its structural integrity and chemical resistance which was of particular relevance due to the variable nature of the by products produced in processing household waste. The work involved confined space working and was completed by a specialist three man team working closely with Vinci over the course of a three month construction period, always ensuring that Health and Safety remained the number one priority. The methodology included the clearing of the chambers, washdown, preparation of joints and priming surfaces with Stainguard prior to the application of a 2mm coat of Adalline polyurea.

The Outcome

Once applied the coatings were halliday tested to ensure integrity ensuring that the structures are ready for use from 2018 when the plant opens.

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