Delivering decarbonisation

Achieving Net-Zero in transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector is on the road to a better, cleaner Britain. Fuelled by the government’s transport decarbonisation plan, the industry has committed to reaching Net-Zero by 2050.

The success story is already under way, with ambitious plans for zero-emission HGVs, low carbon aviation and maritime fuels, and hydrogen trains. But many operators face an uphill journey.

Companies are under increasing scrutiny from customers, regulators, and journalists. Stakeholders are demanding more immediate, more impactful progress against climate change. And while Net-Zero is everyone’s ultimate destination, businesses must plot their own, individual path to sustainability.

The shift to clean energy requires significant time and investment – and the support of a trusted partner. We’ve collaborated with a number of transport and logistics operators on large-scale energy infrastructure projects, from hydrocarbon through to biofuels, and more recently in hydrogen and electric.

As the industry moves closer to decarbonisation, we have the expertise to fast-track your transition, whether you’re heading toward biofuels, electric, or hydrogen.

Specialist solutions for your sector

  1. Road

  2. Rail

  3. Air and water


We’re on our way to clean, quiet, carbon-free transport and freight. We help you get there quicker with pioneering solutions that actively lower emissions, achieve eco-friendlier deliveries, and keep you compliant via smarter route and load optimisation.

Whether your long-range plan lies in hydrogen, electric, biofuels, or a blended approach, a range of quick wins are possible, right here, right now:

  • Biogas – The technology exists today to convert your HGV, van or vehicle stock to biogas. Our specialist engineers can decommission your existing framework, and seamlessly design, install, and maintain your renewable fuel infrastructure.
  • Hydrogen – Hydrogen power for your fleet is already available. As you identify alternative low/zero-emission fuel sources for your vehicles, we partner with you from decommissioning to design, build, and ongoing support.
  • Electric vehicles – Instantly cut fleet emissions by installing EV charging points at key sites. Our end-to-end service covers every critical step, from initial consultation and feasibility study to implementation, commissioning, and sign-off.


With almost 38 per cent of the network already powered by electricity, rail is leading the charge towards carbon-free motorised transport. Our services help you embrace a digital future and accelerate the transformation from diesel to synthetic fuels and hydrogen.

  • Biogas – Work with us to map out, source, and implement your biofuel infrastructure. Whether the switch to synthetics is a long-term strategy or short-term stopgap, we’ll help you assess and upgrade assets across one depot or your entire estate.
  • Hydrogen – The government is actively exploring traction technologies, such as battery and hydrogen trains – and we can help you prepare. Discover how hydrogen can drive your Net-Zero programme and the resources required to ready your network.
  • Electric vehicles – Developing your electrical infrastructure is an economical, ready-to-roll-out environmental win. We’ll help you lay the groundwork for cleaner trains and fleet vehicles, providing a full turnkey service and proven expertise from design to installation and follow-up.

Air and water

The maritime and aviation sectors present far-reaching decarbonisation challenges. Our team helps you plan the way forward, adopt innovations that support your strategy, and remain compliant on your route to zero emissions.

  • Biogas – Research into sustainable fuels across both sectors is moving at speed. As targets and technologies unfold, we’ll support you in selecting alternative fuels to cut emissions across your entire operation – and create the infrastructure to support the switch.
  • Hydrogen – Preparing your sites for hydrogen-powered fleets will deliver a vital head start in the race to decarbonise. Our infrastructure audits provide a valuable starting point to assess the possibilities and practicalities of a hydrogen-led approach.
  • Electric vehicles – While hybrid craft are in their infancy, you can still make significant Net-Zero gains across your ground or port-side fleets. Our experts help you visualise and deploy the necessary cabling and hardware to realise immediate EV savings and benefits. And with a core electrical infrastructure in place, you’ll be poised to leverage the latest technology.

Understanding your risks

Before deploying a wholesale energy infrastructure shift, you need to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your current framework. A comprehensive estate audit captures critical baseline data, identifies vulnerabilities, and detects your most damaging emission sources, helping you build a targeted plan of action.

How we can help:

  • Complete infrastructure audits
  • Identify energy, fuel and efficiency savings with transport audit
  • Tank, separator, bund, and drainage inspections
  • Fuel and road tanker testing
  • Expert guidance on energy transition, environmental legislation, and regulatory compliance

Shaping your decarbonisation strategy

Every organisation will take a different route to decarbonisation. Your ideal path will be driven by a range of factors – from the condition of your existing assets to budget, resources, and long-term business goals. Armed with insights from your infrastructure audit, we’ll help you realise savings from your current framework and operations, and plan your most intelligent move to electric, hydrogen, or synthetic fuels.

How we can help:

  • Scenario, timeline, and technology modelling
  • Infrastructure design for electric, hydrogen, and biofuels
  • Decommission, transition, and implementation planning

Managing your current assets

As you work to reduce emissions, it’s also critical to contain pollution risks across your existing tanks, separators, bunds, and drainage systems. Working side-by-side with an environmental expert, you’ll know how many years you have left in your legacy assets – and how to prevent costly fuel leaks and tank failures from derailing your Net-Zero efforts. A progressive infrastructure maintenance, testing, and inspection programme keeps operations safe, compliant, and on course for carbon neutrality.

How we can help:

Implementing your Net-Zero infrastructure

Whatever alternative fuel strategy you adopt, you need a partner with the vision, experience, and practical know-how to bring it to life, without sacrificing business continuity. Our qualified specialists prioritise and manage every stage of implementation – from feasibility studies and civil engineering works to supply and installation of biogas, hydrogen, EV tech and hardware – so you continue to deliver for customers throughout your transition.

How we can help:

  • Due diligence, feasibility studies, and environmental surveys
  • Asset decommissioning and compliant waste disposal
  • Supplier and contractor management
  • End-to-end implementation services for hydrogen and biogas infrastructures
  • Installation of electrical frameworks and EV charging points

Maintain carbon-neutral compliance

As clean energy grows and develops, your Net-Zero requirements, challenges, and opportunities will evolve too. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve and on the right side of regulations. With a proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance and renewal, you can seamlessly phase out ageing assets, tackle emerging risks, and champion innovation – at a pace and price that suits your business. 

How we can help:

  • Planned preventative maintenance to mitigate developing pollution hazards
  • Inspection, testing, and monitoring for hybrid and green infrastructures
  • Sector-specific environmental consultancy and compliance support

Capabilities you can count on

Adler and Allan combine specialist knowledge with a clear understanding of individual sector challenges, helping you deploy successful, cost-saving decarbonisation strategies. Talk to us about delivering on your green commitments, for today and tomorrow.


  • Over 1,000 engineers nationwide
  • Qualified to work in ATEX and DSEAR environments
  • CompEx electrical engineers with first aid, asbestos and fire awareness, and confined space training
  • EEMUA 159 and API 570 and 653 experts


  • ISO-14001
  • Safe Contractor Certificate
  • No PS 4253
  • Achilles / FPAL Registered
  • VAREC and NICEIC approved

Keep your business compliant, safe and avoid costly downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment