Groundworks and Civil Engineering Contractors for Land Remediation Projects

Adler & Allan has the full civil engineering capability to carry out the groundworks needed to contain and then excavate and dispose of contaminated soil following a spill.

Once the immediate danger of a spill has been contained, Adler & Allan’s land remediation teams move into action. We dig trial pits to assess the extent of contamination and may also dig containment trenches to prevent the affected area being increased by rainfall. We install recovery equipment such as pumps and skimmers, and then we excavate and remove the contaminated soil.

The final stages of our groundworks service involve reinstating the site, starting by backfilling the excavation hole and making good at ground level. We can then undertake full re-landscaping, including re-laying paving, tarmac or turf.

Adler & Allan and BERG

Adler & Allan is a founding member of the Business Emergency Recovery Group (BERG), designed to help businesses and communities across the UK to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as flooding, cyber-attacks and civil unrest.

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The entire team that attended today were completely professional and are a credit to Adler And Allan. Due to the nature and extent of the works, they were monitored throughout the activity and at no point did they conduct themselves in a less than professional manner. The works were visible to all persons within the building and demonstrated the professional supply partners that Norland use. Well done!

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