Flood Defence

Flood protection for the UK

Flood defences are increasingly important to every part of the UK, from businesses to residential areas. Adler and Allan’s flood protection schemes help safeguard some of Britain’s most important infrastructure assets, including substations, forecourts and highways.

We offer a range of flood defence design and installation services, with recommendations based on a Flood Risk Assessment, which will determine flood risk up to 60 years in the future, also carried out by a team of Adler and Allan experts.

Our flood protection schemes include:

  • Flood Barriers– both temporary and permanent systems
  • Pumps– from puddle suckers to high volume extraction tanks
  • Self-Closing Products– with self-closing mechanisms giving 24/7 passive protection
  • Passive and reactive flood defence booms, including Wedge system and various other flood mitigation measures.

JBAR modular bund flood defence

JBAR, our newest flood defence system, provides a permanent solution to stopping flood water in its tracks and can help prevent spills from entering surrounding ground and watercourses.

JBAR is designed to protect key assets, such as utility compounds, sub-stations, external plant and associated structures. Developed initially to deal with oil containment, the JBAR flood defence system is a dual purpose product, which can retain and/or withstand fluids from either side.

Total flood defence

To provide complete protection, flood defences can be used in conjunction with Adler and Allan’s protective coatings and linings delivering a long-term solution to hazardous spill containment.

Our polyurea spray lining is the toughest and most durable protective coating available, providing an effective way of preventing deterioration and extending the life of a range of structures by forming a waterproof and chemical barrier.

For more information about our spray coatings and linings, click here.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Flood Defence Online Enquiry Form.

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