High Pressure Industrial Water Jetting

Hydro jetting, soda blasting and hydro demolition

Adler & Allan’s specialist cleaning team offer High Pressure Industrial Water Jetting, including soda blasting and hydro demolition, using ultra high pressure units, which are suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications; from construction to agriculture and industry.

These water jetting pressure units can clean a wide range of contaminated surfaces and, with varying pressures and flow rates available for tough continuous operation, they are ideal for large areas. Typically, the soda and hydro blasting pumps can be used to remove paint and other types of coating, as well as rust, the remains of cargo, chemical contamination and oil, plus tank cleaning, internal and external surface preparation.

Ultra high pressure industrial water jetting can also be used to remove or roughen up concrete. The pumps are available up to a pressure of 2,800 bar and can be delivered to site in a container, on a skid or as a trailer.

Other Industrial Water Jetting applications include:

  • Cold cutting of steel tanks – ultra high pressure water jet technology for cutting storage tank floors, roofs and side-shells.
  • Sewer and drain maintenance – hydro blasting used to clean drains and interceptors, wet wells, CCTV survey, bunker and silo cleaning, and chemical dosing of cooling tower systems.
  • Heat exchanger cleaning – high pressure water jetting for petrochemical or refining facilities looking to clear process-related deposits and maintain efficiency.
  • Fin fans cleaning – hydro jetting to prevent dirty fin fans from reducing cooling efficiency of heat exchangers. Our units remove dirt and debris safety and effectively.
  • Concrete cutting – otherwise known as hydro-demolition, our jets leave steel reinforcements undamaged and ready for re-use, available for a range of industry sectors.
  • Armex blasting – soda blasting for the cleaning and removal of tough coatings and contaminants.
  • High PSI water jetting – ultra-high pressure water jetting units range from 6,000 to 40,000 psi and are operated by trained personnel, ideal for tank cleaning surface preparation and NDT testing.
  • Dry-ice blasting – effective for a wide range of applications; from heavy slag removal to circuit board cleaning, dry-ice blasting negates the need for the use of conventional toxic chemicals.
  • Graffiti removal – suitable for different materials such as paint, wax, chalks and felt tip markers, our hydro blasting units can aggressively remove graffiti on externals walls or surfaces.

In addition, our service capability covers:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Factory floor cleaning
  • Petrochemical plant
  • Butterworth washing with hl 80 and hl 100 pumps

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Excellent response. Contacted Adler & Allan with site location and description of incident on site. Shortly afterwards, I received a phone call confirming that a team had been dispatched and given an estimated time of arrival. Team arrived on site on time and completed the mop up effectively. Fantastic service, will cascade this incident to further promote your service.
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