Power Plant Decommissioning

Power Plant Decommissioning

Plant and Tank Decommissioning, Oil Recovery and Site Remediation

A number of power plants, for oil, gas and coal, are being decommissioned, with the UK coal plant capacity expected to shut down by 2015. Driven by legislation to reduce emissions, commercial reasons and moves to rely more heavily on renewable energy sources, power plant decommissioning is required to shut down these sites safely, while recovering any oil or fuel, with minimal harm to the surrounding environment.

Adler & Allan has worked on several power station decommissioning projects using innovative solutions to provide Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), which has helped reduce overall project costs.

Our power plant decommissioning services include:

  • Heavy fuel oil recovery services and re-sale
  • Oil and fuel tank decommissioning
  • Industrial and heavy plant removal
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Ground remediation, for soil and/or water courses
  • Site decontamination, including asbestos removal
  • Clean-up and removal of oils and other polluting substances
  • Removal of electrical equipment and cables

Power station decommissioning drivers:

European Union Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD): The LCPD requires power plants to reduce sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions. Plant built before 1987 have the option to ‘opt out’, on the proviso of closure by the end of 2015.

Commercial factors: A number of gas-fired power stations are closing due to the current wholesale cost of gas versus increased relative cost viability of renewables, plus, due to the LCPD, coal powered stations looking to ‘opt out’ by 2015 are using up their residual allowable capacity with cheaper coal.

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We are very grateful to all those who assisted with the water ingress, starting from the initial call out response, co-ordinating and deploying the team to site with all the necessary equipment to help manage the large volume of water that was entering the building and the continued support until resolution of the external leak and the assistance with the cleaning up process.
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