Planned Preventive Maintenance

The Planned Maintenance of your Plant and Machinery

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) refers to the steps businesses should take to make sure their plant and machinery operate correctly, while meeting safety and legislative requirements.

When it comes to protecting your assets, prevention is definitely better than cure, with planned maintenance essential to ensuring profitability, personnel morale and the effective management of time, not to mention minimising the risk of damaging and costly environmental incidents.

Adler & Allan’s Planned Preventive Maintenance services are delivered to a wide range of sectors, including national utilities, logistics, transport, facilities management companies and government agencies, covering the following areas;

1. Oil storage surveys and maintenance – OFTEC compliance:

OFTEC regulations surrounding oil storage are becoming increasingly stringent, with costly repercussions for those who don’t comply. Adler & Allan’s OFTEC accredited auditing ensures oil storage facilities meet current legislation. We also undertake tank inspections to EMMUA 159 Level 2.

2. Interceptors and site gullies:

Interceptors are often the last line of defence between a controlled oil spill and a major pollution incident, so keeping them in top condition could be crucial in the event of an emergency – the fines resulting from one such emergency will exceed decades of regular Planned Preventive Maintenance.

3. Fuel compliance testing & polishing:

Fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration, with the replacement of contaminated fuel more expensive than ever. Most poor fuel conditions can be corrected without major expense, if conditions are diagnosed promptly.

4. Emergency spill response and spill contingence planning:

Adler & Allan is the UK’s leading spills responder. An emergency spill response contracts includes:

  • Guaranteed time response and guaranteed mobilisation
  • 24hr emergency 0800 number
  • Regulatory compliance adhered to in all instances of waste disposal
  • Spill training

5. Emergency fuel – 24/7:

Guaranteed fuel deliveries, 24/7, ensuring your business keeps running in the event of an emergency or problem with usual fuel supply.

Interested in our Planned Preventive Maintenance program? Contact Adler & Allan for a comprehensive site assessment, with specialist engineers from each of the relevant divisions. As part of the PPM assessment we will generate a full environmental asset list and provide an overview of equipment status.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Planned Preventive Maintenance Online Enquiry Form.

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