TankTechnic Linings

TankTechnic single and double skin tank lining systems

Adler & Allan’s TankTechnic linings provide transformative solutions for existing storage tank installations both above and below ground. The systems are ideal for non-pressurised tanks that store potentially hazardous liquids; such as automotive fuels or chemicals.


Bringing tanks up to the highest levels of environmental safety, EN13160 Class 1, TankTechnic linings are suitable for tanks in need of repair, or those coming out of warranty. DOPA, TankTechnic’s double wall lining solution, also includes 24/7 remote leak detection monitoring, to prevent contamination, tampering and pollution.


TankTechnic lining benefits

  • Total resistance to bioethanol (E100), biodiesel (B100) and a wide range of chemicals
  • Prevents pollution and protects against contamination
  • Cost effective, far cheaper than tank replacement
  • Revitalises and maintains asset worth
  • Minimal tank downtime during transformation
  • Lower maintenance and inspection costs
  • Approved by Air Forces as resistant to aviation fuels corresponding to MIL-PRF-4556F
  • TUV and DiBt approved for use in above ground tanks and compliance with technical standards and applicable regulations, such as EN 13160
  • ATEX rated explosion proof
  • 24/7 remote monitoring available with the DOPA system



Suitable for ‘future fuels’

Adler & Allan TankTechnic linings are made using ADISA lining, which comprises of Epoflex resins; robust and flexible epoxy products that ensure ADISA is considered one of Europe’s leading tank lining systems. Epoflex resins are resistant to 100% ethanol and ethanol-based fuels and biodiesels, as well as many other chemicals, and are therefore suitable for ‘future fuels’. All linings have a 5-10 year warranty, with the option to extend.


DOPA – double wall lining solution

DOPA transforms either the inner surface, or can be used to create a second floor on a flat bottomed tank. Once lined, DOPA brings tanks up to the highest standards of environmental safety (EN 13160 class 1) and provides continuous remote, 24/7 monitoring of the interstitial space, with an intelligent and automated leak detector.


DOPA is ideal for tanks located in high risk environments, such as next to rivers, helping companies meet 14001’s continual environmental improvements, minimising the risk of fines and demonstrating an organisations commitment to preventing pollution.


Leak detection

The DOPA automated leak detection system sounds an alarm when a wall is compromised, the device is tampered with or shut down. The unit also detects anomalies without the need for on-site staff, recording reports or variations and is able to monitor any other safety control sensor present on the system; for example sensors for the water treatment


Maintenance for the central WSDC cabinet can be done without entry into the tank chamber (ATEX classified zone), offering considerable operational safety and a reduction in maintenance time and costs.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan TankTechnic Linings Online Enquiry Form.

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